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Fish pepper soup
Loin of red snapper marinated with ginger, Herbes de Provences, garlic, and thyme

N 3,200

Chicken pepper soup
Loin of chicken cooked with aniseed, ginger, bay leaves, garnished with fresh coriander

N 3,200

Acheke au darne de Capitaine aromatisé au anis et crudités du jardinier au coriandre
Cassava couscous served with fried slices of Giwan Ruwa fish and aromatised red onions, tomato, green pepper, spring onions and fresh coriander leaves

N 7,850

Sauce feuille aux pistaches aux fruits de mer et filet d’agneau
Vegetable soup cooked with sea food, smoked fish and dices of lamb, with pistachio (Egusi), served with pounded yam

N 7,950

Poulet Yassa
Golden brown chicken marinated in white wine, thyme, bay leaves & black pepper corn, cooked in lemon juice, mustard, onion sauce on Basmati rice

N 7,250

Osso Bucco à la Nigeriane
Knuckle of veal cooked in vegetable and tomato stock, with fresh tomato, Herbes de Provence, aniseed, thyme, served with white rice and green vegetables

N 7,550

Lamb Couscous
Leg of lamb marinated à la Maroccaine, cooked in lamb stock with tomato, served with vegetables on a bed of couscous-with-raisins

N 8,250

Barbecued chicken à la Togolaise
Spicy barbecued chicken, marinated in chicken stock with tomato, ginger, celery and thyme, served with French fries

N 7,250

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