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Cold Starters


Salade de saumon aux œufs d’écailles et fondu abricot séché confie, Brioche toastée
Salmon salad garnished with quail egg, whole apricot cooked in vanilla and aniseed syrup, served with mixed leaves and toasted brioche bread


N 5,400

Fromage de chèvre toasté au fondu d’abricot au nid de Ratatouille de gingembre en salade
Toasted goat cheese glazed with apricots on ginger ratatouille, served on salad


N 5,900

Salade Nomade
Pedal of tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, feta cheese, Brie cheese, blue cheese, black olives, dices of spring onion, fresh coriander and olive oil, served with toasted garlic bread


N 5,500

Salade de fruits tropicaux au filet de Dorade fumée au nid de friseé, à la vinaigrette
Tropical fruit salad with home-smoked red snapper fish, lettuce, French dressing


N 4,950

Salade Chez Victor
Smoked salmon, black olives, Pesto, Balsamic reduction, mixed leaves, marinated, freshly roasted cherry tomatoes  and Brie cheese


N 5,400

Rôtie de tomate cerise mariné aux herbes toasté en salade crostini de Brie
Marinated, freshly roasted cherry tomatoes with herbs, cold pressed olive oil and mixed leaves served with toasted brie baugette

N 4,400

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