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Plat complet de filet de capitaine aux légumes, jus de poisson à la tomate, aromatisé de blé entier et de grain sésame rôtis
Giwan Ruwa fish filet, coked with vegetables (dice of garden egg, potato, aubergine, sweet potato, plantain, green beans, carrots, cabbage and yam) and fish / tomato sauce, aromatized with roasted whole wheat and roasted sesame seeds, baked and served on hot clay saucer.


N 10,450

Filet de Bar crémeux au cèpe séché, et mousseline d’haricot de Lima, Pomme vapeur muscade au beurre,
Grilled bass filet with stone mushroom creamy sauce (reduced fish stock, white wine, shallots, cream, stone mushroom) garnished with creamy mashed butter beans, served with nutmeg steamed potatoes, mixed vegetables and spinach.


N 9,950

Dorade Braisée Créole
Large red snaper marinated with seedless chilli, tomatoe sauce, and aniseed oil barbequed, garnished with slices of yellow and green pepper, and white onion in French dressings, served with fried plantain and sautée potato.


N 9,950

Barbecue mini Capitaine roulé en vert à cheval des Crevettes Tigres napées au currie riz au légumes
BBQ Giwan Ruwa fish, marinated in coconut oil, lemon zest, aniseed, and ginger, wrapped in steamed spinach, garnished with spicy prawns, served with lobster coulis (lobster sauce), green & root vegetables on vegetable rice


N 8,350

Croustillant de saumon cuit aux graines sésame fumé nappé au blanc et ses abeilles de crevettes rouges
Fresh salmon marinated with fresh dill, cooked with smoked sesame seeds in Calvados white sauce, garnished with sautéed shrimps, served with French mustard mashed potatoes


N 9,950

Langouste braisée à l'ail, pommes sautées persillées
Barbecued lobster, served with sautéed potatoes with garlic and parsley

N 9,500

Brochettes de Gambas aux ananas alignés aux oranges caramelisés, pommes Amadines
Prawns-pineapple kebab marinated with orange juice and zest, garnished with caramelized grapefruit segments, served with almond croquette potatoes


N 8,850

Sole entière à la Ciboulette, bordue d'épinard aux amandes
Whole sole fish served with lemon zest, lemon-orange juice, in butter chive sauce, golden roasted potatoes, garnished with almond spinach


N 8,950

Escalope de fruits de mer aux deux sauces
Dices of mini lobster, shrimps, prawns, calamari and fresh Salmon marinated in ginger, tarragon, garlic & oyster sauce, coated with breadcrumbs, deep fried, served with tartar and lobster couli, mixed vegetables & French fries


N 8,800

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